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Laundry Organization Tips

Doing laundry is an inescapable chore. That being said, our only option is to find ways to make it better. Here are some steps to make your laundering endeavors more—dare I say, enjoyable???

Sort Ahead of Time.

Invest in a divided hamper that allows you to separate your whites and colors, and maybe even your dry cleaning. Although sorting clothing is hardly the worst part of doing laundry, it will cumulatively save time and energy. If you have limited space (or no designated laundry room) hang additional laundry bags from a hook or rod in your closet. Keep your delicates in a washable, mesh bag--that way they are ready to go right into the machine! Separating your delicates ahead of time also prevents you from foraging through your wet laundry attempting to rescue them from the dryer—inevitably, you always leave something behind.

Hang in There.

Install a rod or use a clothing rack in your laundry room. Leave slim-line hangers on the rod or bring some with you wherever you may launder your clothes. Immediately hang delicates after washing—this will reduce wrinkling and jumpstart the drying process. If you do not have a laundry facility in your home, invest in some mobile laundry accessories.


Use bins and baskets to contain detergent, stain remover, and other laundering accouterments. If doing laundry on the go, use a carryall to keep items handy and organized.

We would love to hear some of your ideas—share your tips and tricks for laundry organization on our social media or by emailing us your suggestions.

Happy laundering!


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