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#Sprucepicks: Organizing the Littles

It's January are those New Years rezzies coming along? Fear not, it's still early! Here are some of our favorite organizing accessories and products for tidying spaces for the little-littles.

1. Use an open or closed bin (or both!) to store toys and stuffed animals. Make organizing a family project and teach your kiddos how to tidy their own space...these cute bins will certainly motivate them!

2. Build your own modular shelving system to store books, puzzles, games, and more. Mix and match different colors for a unique array. If you need to store loose knick-knacks and such, you can order bins that fit perfectly into each cubbyhole so you can contain those suckers (hurray!).

3. Huggable hangers are huge space-savers and the velvety material prevents garments from slipping off onto the floor.

4. Drawer dividers are UH-MAAAZING--especially if you plan on folding items vertically (KonMari style). Use dividers with smaller spaces to fold socks and small under garments. Use long, narrow dividers to fold shirts and pants upright.

5. Display your kiddos' favorite books of the week or month on a pedestal shelf. This allows children to see the full cover as opposed to the skinny spine, making it easier for them to spot their desired'll also add some pizzazz to the walls.

6. Mount hooks into the wall to help tidy backpacks, jackets, and scarves. Let your littles get involved--allow them to pick out their favorite animal hooks.

7. Fashion and function...these are a few of our favorite things! Use these sustainable baskets for laundry or toy wrangling...or, take it for yourself and store your winter throws inside!


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