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#SprucePicks: Holiday Travel

Traveling can be a pain to say the least...but bringing along these items can help manage the discomfort and stress.

1. Avoid spending your money on expensive water bottles at the airport and invest in a reusable bottle to stay hydrated throughout your trip!

2. Take a snooze in style with this adorable floral sleep mask.

3. Tidy up your charger mess and save space in your carry on with the Zolt laptop charger plus. The power adapter allows you to charge your laptop, mobile device and tablet. Sha-wiiinng!

4. Just say a kink in your neck. Travel in comfort with a Memory foam neck pillow.

5. Always keep a travel size perfume in your bag so you can smell fresh after that long car or plane ride. I am in love with the Malin & Goetz perfume oil roll-ons. They last forever and have some amazing scents.

6. Speaking of travel size...bring along your favorite shampoo, condintioner and lotion in GoToobs without having to worry about a post-flight toiletry explosion!

7. Stay organized and worry-free using the "Pack This" checklist that compiles a convenient list of all possilbe travel necessities.

8. The winter is a dry season and traveling can amplify chapped lips. I love the Jack Black lip moisterizer because it has SPF and comes in lots of yummy flavors!

9. Get off the plane looking great with some bright lip gloss. I like the Bare Minerals lipgloss because it lasts long without being too sticky.

10. Ditch your bulky book on your vacay and opt for an e-reader. It'll save you space and back pain (we all tend to load EVERYTHING in our Mary Poppin's purse).

11. Bring a travel-size hand sanitizer to stave off germs. I love this one because of the pretty lavendar scent, not to mention it's eco-friendly!

12. Relieve your skin's dryness & sensitivity while keeping your face glowing with a thermal spring water aerosol Sprapy.

Other Miscellaneous items not pictured:

13. You should always bring along some Advil...traveling can dehydrate you and cause painful headaches.

14. Snacks! Don't wait till you get to the airport to eat. Options can be limited and expensive. Pack healthy snacks that will make you feel good such as Lara bars, fruit (if not traveling internationally), nuts, and a bit of dark chocolate.

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