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The Biggest Transformation on the Home Tour!

If I had to choose I would say my favorite spot in a home is the kitchen. My husband and I love to cook and entertain and it seems like that's where we always end up hanging out...not to mention Josh and I clearly like to eat! Ha! So when this client decided to gut his kitchen (and really the entire house for that matter), I had so much fun designing the layout and all of the options for my...I mean his... new kitchen! Dreams!! Anywho, As you will clearly see from the pictures, it's not an exageration to say that the kitchen transformation is the most dramatic update in this home. Check it...

Kitchen Before Shots: say this kitchen started out underwhelming would be generous. It was crazy cramped and I would dare say you wouldn't even want to microwave a burrito in it...I mean if you're in to that sort of thing...which I am not. Small and yucky would be two great descriptors for this essential space, so we got to work tearing things out.

Progress Pics...aka things already looking better:

We tore out a wall and the innards of the kitchen and decided to combine the kitchen and dining room into one large space. Neither space was very large on it's own, but once combined it changed the entire feel and character of the house. Everything on the first floor is very open and bright now. Because of the new open floorplan, we had to take into account that in the living room there is a slate wall, so to play off of that color I chose Farrow and Ball, Black Blue for the cabinet color. We used Frosty Carrina quartz on the counter tops and created a table out of the island, which is one whole slab of quartz! The cabinets extend all the way across the room, providing tons of storage and prep space for cooking, as well as making the whole place look larger. We used brass cabinet hardware and light fixtures to warm up the color palette. the backsplash is a hexagon tile mesh that added texture and complimented the geometric shape of the brass pendant over the island. Ooohh La La!! A farm sink and wood flooring round out the new look.

After a lot of hard work, the kitchen was reborn. Behold the Spruced version of this beach house well as a sneak peek into the final room on our tour, the living room!

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