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It’s a Wrap!

I love fall, although it always gets me stressin’ about the coming holiday season…eek! Fear not, I won’t put you in that state-of-mind quite yet….But speaking of shiny wrapped objects, it’s never too early or late, to stock up on your gift-wrap inventory.

For years I boycotted stores and wrapped gifts in brown paper grocery bags from Trader Joes, tied with twine, and garnished with fresh rosemary and lavender. However, stores have really upped the ante with hand-made wrapping paper and deliciously cute ribbon and patterned twine.

You can go the expensive route (and equally beautiful) with Paper Source …

But I also recommend checking out World Market’s gift-wrap and accessories, which will save you some serious dough.

Since most of us aren’t using our gift-wrapping accessories daily, weekly, or even monthly, it’s important to find a special space to store these materials. Depending on the available space in your house, here are some options for storage:

We’d love to hear some of your gift-wrapping ideas and storage solutions, so please share!

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