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The Spruciest Beach House Bedrooms

Last week we showed you the bathrooms in our recent beach house remodel project. This week we're touring the bedrooms - Yippee! Both bedrooms originally had carpet, which we promptly removed, and added hardwood flooring. We stuck with the natural wood tone that we used throughout the house, keeping in line with the California Modern style and we painted the walls a bright white - Benjamin Moore, Chantilly Lace. Both bedrooms started out dark and crowded and sort of frumpy, which is exactly the opposite of how we wanted them to feel. We endeavored to create a calm, restful, peaceful, and airy space for sleep and relaxation and I think we did just that. Let's take a look at some before shots:

Master Bedroom: It was packed to the brim with stuff and felt very claustrophobic.

The woodwork in the bedrooms was dark and had a heavy grain. The doors were all solid wood and great quality, but they didn't match the aesthetic that we were going for. Rather than replace the doors, we had the painter fill them and paint them white. Our carpenter removed the louvres from the closet doors (small slatted wood pieces) and replaced them with solid panels so they would match the style of the cabinet doors in the bathrooms and kitchen.

We chose a color palette of white, blue and gray for the master bedroom and kept everything to a minimum. The homeowner really wanted the bedroom to be a place to decompress and clear his head, so we didn't want to make it cluttered or fill it with anything unnecessary.

I love how simple the rug is. It's really soft and the large wool loops have a great texture. The bed is very clean cut and modern and anchors the room.

We added black out drapes that we hung near the ceiling to make the room appear larger. They are gray linen from Pottery Barn and have an informal look and texture.

We used unconventional nightstands and I like how they add character and personality to this simple space. The carved wood stool is from West Elm and the rattan bench is from Anthropologie. The poof can be used for seating or as an ottoman with the reading chair.

Now we move on to the Guest Bedroom before pics: There were two layers of drapery that spanned one wall and made the room feel small and closed in.

We wanted to make the room really cozy and inviting and a bit more playful than the master bedroom. After finding this rad headboard from Urban Outfitters, we knew we just had to have it and decided to build the room around it.

The room itself isn't particularly large, so we hung small wall shelves in leiu of nightstands and added these charming wall sconces instead of traditional table lamps.

The gilded llama and donkey prints are one of my favorite things about the room. It's as if they're friends and they're gazing across the room at each other... no? Am I the only one that thinks that?! The wooden frames couldn't showcase those prints any more perfectly and they were a steal at just $20 each from Target!

(Here's a pre-installation pic + a sneak peek into the next stop on our tour - the kitchen!)

Because of the bohemian vibe and the whimsical prints, I had an opportunity to add in some pom poms...always a plus in my book! I found the pom pom pillows at West Elm and imagine my delight when I located striped pom pom curtains at Anthropologie! They are a match made in heaven! To soften the floor we chose a wool Flokati rug that ties in perfectly with the llama pic and makes you feel like you're stepping onto a cloud or riding on a llama...your choice.

These bedrooms are just the spruciest! It took a lot of self-control for Mary and I not to move into the guest bedroom...I mean a LOT of self-control. Now we just admire it from the pictures and the slide show I made immediately after we installed everything. Haha! Both bedrooms feel light and bright and airy and oh so fresh! You know how much I love the gilded llama and donkey prints and the pom poms...What is your favorite detail?! Leave your comments below.

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