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Gender-Neutral Nursery Design

We love doing nursery design! Everything is so cute and tiny and there’s always so much excitement and anticipation associated with the littles. On one of our recent nursery design projects, we had the most fabulous time working with our two youngest clients Gracie and Nathan (who happen to be twins!). The budget was $500 so the clients opted to do a Refresher - our service that mixes existing pieces with fresh new finds.

The nursery needed a bit of a “space-lift,” so we started by changing the paint color from a taupe to a light gray - this modernized the space and gave us a neutral backdrop for colorful artwork. We added splashes of bright colors and whimsy with animals, hot-air balloons and cloud mobiles (oh my!). We wanted a gender-neutral bedding, so we went with a gray and white print, which happened to pair well with the cloud mobile and paint. We carried the fun animal theme through with canvas totes from 3 Sprouts to house toys and stuffed animals and we purchased bins in solid colors to organize and conceal all of the changing table necessities.

As any parent knows, it’s important to have a dark space so the babies can sleep. The nursery had existing wood blinds that did a nice job of keeping the room dark, but looked a bit stark on their own. So, we hung some oatmeal colored canvas curtains over the blinds to warm up the space. We installed the curtains near the ceiling, which makes the room look larger by drawing the eye up; it also adds another interesting layer and some texture to the room, while softening the window area. As you can imagine, the room fills up quickly with two cribs and the necessary equipment to care for two little ones, so any tricks we could employ to make the room seem larger were a definite plus!

The twins and their mama love to sit on the floor and read books, so we purchased a fun rug with a simple pattern to act as a focal point and tie together some of the other colors we added in the space. We layered the rug with soft sheepskin rugs so they would have something cozy to sit on while reading.

The best part of it all was when little Gracie came into her newly refreshed room and exclaimed, “WOW!”

What a fun space to Spruce!

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